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Computer-axis automatic grinding machine
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Computer-axis automatic grinding machine uses computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided process planning (CAPP), micro-computer touch-screen control, fully optimized design, providing a more efficient, more reliable equipment and advanced user-friendly control software, improve the fault self-test mechanism to achieve energy-saving and efficient processing results.
●  This machine is suitable for the strap end, faces, edges, surface grinding, and clasp, jewelry and other accessories processing, to achieve a multi-purpose machine, effectively improve the production efficiency. Simple operation, the operator proficiency demanding, simple training to operate.
●  the main frame equipped with 10 motors and equipped with 10 inverter to realize stepless speed regulation.
●  the swing frame with heavy-duty ball-type linear guideway, with centralized lubrication system, lubrication, wear more durable and less maintenance.
●  grinding swing around, rotating the workpiece using wind provided by the Japanese SMC oil-hydraulic swinging, swinging back and forth to adjust the speed.
●  pure pneumatic drive by gas - liquid conversion, drive smooth and reliable, low failure rate, avoid the use of hydraulic systems and the high failure and high losses.
project Specifications
polishing materials wheel, cloth wheel, nylon wheel
buff Size (mm) Ø350 * 230 (width)
polishing wheel speed 0-2600 RPn
buff swing stroke 0-50mm
oscillating frequency 47 beats / min
largest polished workpiece width 240mm
polishing efforts 40 ~ 100kgf (adjustable)
Maximum swivel hanging workpiece spindle 360 degrees
hanging workpiece slide stroke 106mm

Note: The technical parameters listed above are subject to change without notice, customers have special requirements of technical parameters can be custom made.