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Our factory has accumulated many years of automated machinery production technology , experience, the machine in the absorption of foreign advanced production technology, skills, experience , several improved design , trial and complete , with advanced technology, sophisticated manufacturing, high efficiency , low failure rate characteristics. Can significantly reduce labor costs. Adapt unmanned chemical build.
● The robot must work with the cross- casting machine , replacement workers to operate , the completion of the workpiece ( tableware ) partially rolled workpiece thinning work .
● The use of digital (CNC) control , the use of international brand-name parts , machine control is accurate, easy to adjust, low failure rate, long-term trial through the machine control software , based on customer experience , required to improve and perfect made ​​with a self-diagnosis function .
● The machine is equipped with a digital machine adjustment device ( patented technology ) , in a working cycle can be adjusted several times during the rolling wheel clearance , workpiece from thick to thin to adapt the work process, so that each rolling force, improve product quality , to extend the life of horizontal casting machine . And just one work cycle , the workpiece can be completed from thick (2 ~ 12mm) rolling thinning of (0.5 ~ 2mm) of the finished product .


adapt horizontal casting machine

accommodate workpieces

input voltage

input power

input pressure

Auto Hand B 175a



single phase 220V


5 ~ 5.5kgf

Auto Hand B 300a

350 ~ 500



Auto Hand B 300b

350 ~ 500