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YB32 series four-cylinder hydraulic machine lengthened
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Four equilibrium structure, the master cylinder is mounted on the work under the pressure, electrical microcomputer control; deployment of quality infrared electric eyes and cooling systems; fixed table, so that it has high accuracy. For large areas of metal and nonmetal repression, in particular for security doors as well as the automotive industry within the decorations pressing. Products have multiple models and styles for customers to choose, can also be custom made according to customer requirements.
project Unit Model
Master Cyl force KN 2000
hydraulic system rated pressure Mpa 20
maximum shut height mm 470
minimum shut height mm 290
workbench height from the ground mm 920
Table effective area about mm 2400
around 660
outline size about mm 2970
around 1030
high 2700
hydraulic station outline size about mm 1050
around 1400
high 1310
motor power KW 22

Note: The technical parameters listed above are subject to change without notice, customers who have special technical parameters of the request can be custom made.