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CX-100 vehicles ray machine
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CX-car line machine the workpiece (steamer, pressure cooker, pots etc.) of the outer cylindrical surface for car manufacturing line grooves (line), and scrub the work; in the structure using user-friendly design, the maximum operation of the workers to adapt , with easy to adjust, easy operation, production efficient. The structure using CAD / CAM / CAPP Computer Aided Design / auxiliary craft / auxiliary production, the use of finite element analysis method to optimize several times to strengthen the machine structure, stable appearance neat appearance; car line is equipped special device can be successfully resolved the workpiece (pan class) intrinsic error (distortion, moving, etc.), resulting in poor quality, accurate machined surface of the workpiece evenly around the small groove (depth 0.1-0.4MM, width 0.2-0.4MM), and the minor groove edge precision grinding, machining of the finished workpiece, ditch line precisely uniform sanding boundaries clear and beautiful.
specifications maximum diameter (mm) minimum diameter (mm) Maximum height Maximum width (mm) speed range (rpm) with motor power (kw)
working range 400 120 height 260 0-350 1.5kw
grinding wheel 220 90 width 100 240-1600 0.75kw
nylon wheel 220 90 width 200 240-1600 0.75kw
input voltage phase AC380V 10%
input power maximum 3.5Kw
Air pressure > 0.5Mpa

Note: The technical parameters listed above are subject to change subject without notice, the customer have special requirements of technical parameters can be custom made.