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SG-400 CNC wok sander
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● The machine is designed for wok scrub the inside and outside class and design, but also applies to the same type of workpiece surface grinding work.
● CNC system control machine operation, adopts famous imported linear guide, ball screw. After a computer-aided design and optimization of the mechanical structure of high rigidity, distributed automatic lubrication system, all-round sealing machine precision parts, to avoid the impact of dust matte, machine maintenance, easy operation, high productivity, a wide range.
● The machine grinding head equipped with special compensation device, to achieve constant force grinding, easy to deal with due to springback deformation caused by differences in product size, the entire surface of the workpiece grinding evenly.
● The grinding head can be equipped with three kinds:
An annular belt speed grinding
      Ring belt speed grinding machining of the workpiece, the processed surface texture render class linear or radial arc-shaped radial texture.
2, thousands of impeller speed grinding, abrasive belt speed as the cyclic grinding workpiece after processing, surface roughness becomes smaller.
3, intermittent belt grinding belt to belt intermittent movement, and rotation of the workpiece relative to the grinding, the processed surface showing concentric texture.
grinding power 1.6KW
abrasive wheel speed 0 ~ 2800rpn
grinding force 20 ~ 200N
maximum diameter: 400mm
maximum height 160mm
speed 20 ~ 260rpn
belt circumference 1500 ~ 1700mm
belt broadband 40mm
abrasive wheel diameter 80 ~ 110mm

Note: The technical parameters listed above are subject to change without notice, the customer if special requirements of technical parameters can be custom made.