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CNC three stand straight polishing machine
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● This machine uses closed institutions, polishing dust will not operate workers and workplace pollution, protect the operator to maximize the health of workers.
● The machine adopts touch screen / PLC / servo motor / pneumatic system control machine operation, electric adjusting mechanism, use of imported brand linear guide, ball screw, through computer-aided design and optimization of the mechanical structure of high rigidity, distributed automatic lubrication system, the machine precision parts round sealed to avoid the impact of dust matte, machine maintenance, easy operation, high productivity, a wide range.
Each grinding operation can be controlled separately, can achieve a variety of polishing action combinations (up to 12 combinations),
● For example: On Paper - Rough polishing - fine polishing - Continuity complete, or three wheels simultaneously very high efficiency mode.
● The grinding head grinding force individually controlled and equipped with constant grinding force devices.

workpiece specifications

maximum diameter: 380mm

Maximum height:> 300mm

speed: 0 ~ 80r/min

machine parameters

grinding power


wheel diameter


wheel speed

0 ~ 1880 r / min

wheel maximum height


grinding force

200 ~ 500N

wheel material

oil wheel, flax wheel, cloth wheel, nylon wheel, etc.

workpiece translational stroke

0 ~ 45mm

total input power


input pressure

> 0.5MPa