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Belt machine
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● The machine polished round pan with a belt connecting welds, with dual wheel mechanism and dual wheel angle adjustable up and down position adjustable for a wide range of workpiece welding dual wheel center seam can be placed using the belt tensioning force on the workpiece grinding wheel can also be replaced with dual rubber wheels, rubber wheels placed at the weld grinding (grinding force, high efficiency, but requirements workpiece can not lose runout).
● This unit uses a semi-enclosed bodies, grinding dust away by wind tunnel, will not operate workers and workplace pollution, protect the operator to maximize the health of workers.
● This unit uses digital control technology (CNC) + electronic hand wheel adjustment mode, simply point adjustment precision grinding, grinding force consistency with creep feed grinding capabilities.
● highly rigid mechanical structure, distributed automatic lubrication system, all-round sealing machine precision parts, to avoid the impact of dust matte, machine maintenance, easy operation, high productivity, a wide range.

workpiece specifications

maximum diameter : 380mm

Maximum height : 250mm

speed : 0 ~ 70r/min

machine parameters

grinding power


belt length


wheel speed

0 ~ 2880 r / min

dual wheel distance


belt speed

0 ~ 37.5m / s

dual wheel diameter

60 ~ 100mm

grinding force


total input power


input pressure

> 0.5MPa