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Insulation Mug Polishing Machine
  • Application
  • Feature
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● The machine is used in the outer surface of the workpiece (mug, cylinder class) automated polishing, sanding, and automatic spray wax job.
● The machine used on the construction of human design, to maximize the workers to adapt to the operation, with easy to adjust, easy operation, production efficient. The use of CAD in the structure / CAM / CAPP Computer Aided Design / auxiliary craft / auxiliary production, optimizing the use of multiple finite analysis, strengthening the mechanical structure, stable. Achieve efficient work results.
● The machine equipped with special devices can be resolved smoothly due to the workpiece (tube type) the inherent error (distortion, dynamic, etc.), resulting in a poor quality, precision matte on the surface, and in its surface evenly spray wax, processing is completed the workpiece surface so bright and beautiful.



buff material

Nylon wheel, flax wheel, cloth wheel

buff specifications

ø380 * 120 ~ 240 ( W )

polishing wheel speed (r/min)


with motor power (kw)


input voltage

three-phase AC 380V 10%

input power

greater than 16kw

use pressure

> 0.5Mpa